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Android Tablet User Guide – NewspaperDirect

June 4th, 2013 · No Comments

Android Tablet User Guide - NewspaperDirectDownloading PressReader for Android Tablets Step 1: Connect to available Wi-Fi. Step 2: Open the Play Store pre-installed on your Android tablet. Step 3: Search for PressReader. Step 4: To download PressReader, tap the Install button. Step 1: Tap the PressReader icon to launch application. Step 2: Read the customized welcome message and tap “OK.” Downloading Publications 1 Android Tablet User Guide PressReader delivers the most engaging and authentic newspaper and magazine reading experience to iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows operated tablets, smartphones and eReaders. With PressReader, users can hold digitally enhanced replicas of their favorite publications and read them from cover-to-cover, just the way they were printed – with no compromises in quality, fidelity or content. Service by Step

3: Search for publications* by country or language*. See favorited and recent publications. Step 4: Select your favorite newspaper or magazine. Step 5: Tap the “OK” button to download the current day issue. Option A: To select an available back issue**, choose a date on the calendar. Option B To set up automatic daily delivery of the publication, tap the “Automatically deliver all new issues” box. Option C: Tap the star icon to add this publication to your favorites. * Title selection may vary by territory or license. ** Back issues availability may vary depending on the subscription package. Additional Download Options 2 Android Tablet User Guide Service by A customized message will display. Tap “OK.” Browse your downloaded issues in My Library. Tap on the thumbnail of the publication to open the issue. Table of Contents View the publication’s table of contents. Thumbnail Gallery View thumbnails of the publication. Thumbnail Scroller Tap on the horizontal slider to expand it. Scroll through the page thumbnails. Tap on the thumbnails to open that page. Page View Options Read publications in Page View as digitally enhanced replicas. Swipe from right to left to flip pages. Double-tap on un-highlighted areas of the publication to zoom. Additional Features Read articles in SmartFlow, share articles, and support or oppose stories. Press and hold (i.e. long-press) to open up a menu of these contextually driven actions. User Experience & Features 3 Android Tablet User Guide Service by SmartFlow Tap on highlighted headlines in Page View to open SmartFlow and read the publication in an intuitive horizontal reading stream. Share Articles Share interesting stories by email, on Facebook or Twitter. Copy to Evernote or Instapaper. Activate this menu with press and hold (i.e. long-press). Translate Tap on the top-right folder icon to translate articles. Adjust Font Size Tap on the top-right letter icon to adjust font size. © New spaperDir ec t , I nc . On-Demand Audio Listen to the article by tapping on the speaker icon to activate On-Demand Audio. Manage Your Account Manage your account, publication storage and article view in Settings. Service by Android Tablet User Guide Contact Your Local Agent:…

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