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CanonHDRCapture User Guide

March 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

To increase the dynamic range of traditional digital cameras, several images taken with different exposure values of the same scenery can be captured and later combined by software to span a greater dynamic range. This software allows to capture several such hdr-sequences (a hdr-sequence being a set of images later forming a single hdr image) automatically at specified time intervals. For example the application can be configured to capture hdr-sequences from 12. june 2007 12:00 until 13. june 2007 13:00 at a 15 minute time interval. Additionally, the application can be set to take a predefined number of images per hdr-sequence, or to determine automatically the number of required images by analyzing each captured image for under or overexposure and dynamically deciding whether another image needs to be captured. Captured images are always directly transferred to the pc, so the maximum number of hdr-sequences which can be taken in this way is only limited by the amount of free diskspace on the pc and by the battery of the camera (if no external power source is used for that purpose).

1. Connect the camera via usb to the computer, select ”M” (manual mode) on the mode dial and turn the camera on.
2. Press the connect button (Fig. 3). A popup window labelled ”Detected Camera” with your camera’s type in the dropdown – box should show, press ok (Fig. 4). The status display should show the message ”camera connected”.
3. Press the Add button under the Timers list. A new timer entry should appear in the list, select it.
4. Press the Preview button. The camera will take a test image and you will see the result in a separate window. Click on the image to make it disappear again.
5. Adjust the Camera Parameters and check the result with the Preview button until you get a decent exposure.
6. Press the ”Reset Camera Values” button in the HDRSequence window.
7. Press the ”Fire Single Sequence” button, the application should now capture a hdr-sequence of 5 images.

System Requirements
The application should run on any pc with a windows operating system supported by the .net 2.0 environment (that would be win2000, winxp and vista). It has been field-tested on a small notebook with an 800mhz processor and 256mb ram running windows xp. Hard disk reqirements by the application itself are negligible (>6mb), but you’ll need lots of free diskspace for the captured raw images. Of course a compatible Canon camera (see 1.3) is required, and a free usb port on the pc.

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