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CopperLink Ethernet Extender Model 2155 User Manual

May 29th, 2009 · No Comments

The Patton Electronics CopperLink Ethernet Extenders provide high-speed LAN connections between peered Ethernet LANs, remote PC’s, or any other network enabled 10Base-T device.

Operating in pairs, a Model 2155/L (local) located at one end of the LAN extension and a Model 2155/R (remote) at the other end, these units can automatically forward LAN broadcasts, multicasts, and frames across a 2-wire voice-grade twisted-pair link.The data is passed transparently (unmodified) through the Ethernet Extenders.They operate as learning bridges and automatically add and delete MAC addresses; only passing packets across the CopperLink line that are meant for the remote peered LAN.

The 2155/L and 2155/R work together to create a transparent extension between two peered Ethernet LANs. Figure 1 shows a typical point-to-point application.

Because the CopperLink Ethernet Extender requires no configuration, it can be installed quickly. Installation consists of the following:
• Connect the line interface between the units (refer to section 3.1, “Connecting the Twisted-Pair Line Interface” on page 7) Note See Figure 2 for the rear-panel connectors locations.
• Connect the Ethernet interface (refer to section 3.2, “Connecting 10Base-T Ethernet Port to PC (DTE)” on page 8 or section section 3.3, “Connecting 10Base-T Ethernet Port to Hub (DCE)” on page 8).
• Connect the power plug (refer to section 3.4, “Connecting Power” on page 9).

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