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DocShuttle Client 50 Manual

November 6th, 2009 · No Comments

DocShuttle Internet Transcription Software is an affordable and easy-to-use suite of software products used to manage workflow of dictation and transcription over the Internet.
DocShuttle features:
• Automated transfer of voice files and text documents
• Complete tracking and management
• Secure, automated encryption of audio and document files
• Integration with dictation systems and handheld recorders for a virtually unlimited number of remote dictators and transcriptionists.

DocShuttle Administrator is the central administrative module for the transcription company or facility using the system. DocShuttle Administrator is used to set up the FTP site, set security and user permissions, manage workflow, upload files from dictation systems and/or handheld recorders, and archive files. DocShuttle Client is the transcribe module, and is used by each remote transcriptionist to download and decrypt dictation files. It can also be used to send the completed documents to an editor or QA transcriptionist, back to the transcription office, or directly to the dictator’s office. DocShuttle Dictator is the dictate module. DocShuttle Dictator can be used to automatically upload dictation files to the FTP site for transcription and to download documents for printing. Each installation of DocShuttle Dictator can support up to 5 individual dictators with unique user ID’s.


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