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FDI PCA9633 DEMO Board User Manual

April 25th, 2009 · No Comments

The PCA9633 Demo Board demonstrates the Philips PCA9633 Fast Mode Plus 4-bit I²C LED Dimmer IC. Four LEDs are connected to the PCA9633 and through individual pulse width modulation (PWM) of each LED show different levels of intensity. To use, push SW8 to the ON position. The LEDs will immediately flash and glow. To select a different mode of operation, press the MODE button (PB1). The LED will flash amber a number of times to denote which mode was entered. Use the other 3 buttons (SELECT, PLUS, & MINUS) to change the settings. Six different modes of operation are provided and described below.

Bus SDA & SCL Pull-up Enable
These two switches disable/enable the cable-side pull-ups for the I²C-bus. These switches must be ON for the MASTER Board (0) and the LAST SLAVE board in the chain. All other boards in-between should have these switches set to OFF. If there are only two boards connected (MASTER and SLAVE), both boards should have these switches set to ON.

Cable Power Off/On
This switch enables the battery power connection to the RJ45 cable on pin 1 of the RJ45 jack. This allows a single power source for the complete chain of boards when all the boards have this switch ON. Note: When this is utilized, a single bench or wall power supply should be used, as the typical 9V battery cannot supply enough current to power multiple boards. The 9V battery should be removed from the holder on all boards. The input power requirements are: 6VDC to 12VDC, 100mA per board MAX.

Board Power Off/On
This switch turns power OFF/ON for the board. Board Power should be turned OFF whenever the board is not in use, as the battery drain would result in a dead battery. It is also recommended to remove the battery from the board when not in use to avoid inadvertent battery drain if the OFF/ON switch is bumped ON. The battery may be placed in the holder with the contacts “away” from each other as a storage method.

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