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Frank Control Computer System Owner’s Hardware Service Manual

April 20th, 2009 · No Comments

You made an excellent choice for performance, reliability, and value. Your Frank Control Computer System uses a high performance Z80 CPU and 8085 CPU. An 8051 micro controller is used to read in all the digital temperatures; freeing time for the main processors to do more important things. The Frank Control Computer System talks to a PC to allow for a user-friendly control interface. It also talks to an Allen Bradley PLC that handles all the I/O’s. Here are some of the professional features of your new Frank Control Computer System.

♦ Up to 48 Isolated Digital Temperatures per Kiln
♦ Easy Temperature Probe Replacement
♦ Control up to 5 Kilns per System
♦ Triple Processor Computer System
♦ Battery Back Up and Real Time Clock
♦ Power Fail Monitor and Watchdog Timer
♦ RS232 communication to Allen Bradley PLC
-80 inputs, 32 outputs, and 32 analog outputs
♦ RS232 communication to PC

Note: Components included depend on the Kilns needs. All components and connections are defined in the Operating instructions of this manual.
- 110-Volt / 220-Volt Power Supply Board
- Programmable Data-Acquisition Temperature Board (DAQT)
- Bulb Connection Board
- Eprom Card
- CPU Card

Get pdf Frank Control Computer System Owner’s Hardware Service Manual

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