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Hitachi Plasma Television Operating Guide Manual for 42HDT79, 55HDT79 42HDX99 and 55HDX99

February 12th, 2008 · No Comments

How to set up your Plasma Television SETTING FOR WALL MOUNTING STEP (1): Please locate the STAND PLATE metal on the back of the TV . This metal is use to hold the TV and the Base ; so it needs to be remove in order to separate the TV from the Base. STAND PLATE METAL STEP (2): Please remove the 3 screws and the STAND PLATE metal from the TV, then put back only the screw to the back cover. Now the 4 screws that holds the TV STAND can be remove to separate the TV from the STAND BASE. 4 SCREWS STAND PLATE METAL 3 SCREWS TV STAND BASE PLACE BACK THIS SCREW NOTE:Use the specified WALL MOUNT base for the Plasma TV depending on the size of your TV. Please access our web site at: for recommended accessories for your tv. VIEWING The best picture is seen by sitting directly in front of the TV and about 10 to 18 feet from the screen. During daylight hours,reflections from outside light may appear on the screen.If so,drapes or screens can be used to reduce the reflection or the TV can be located in a different section of the room.

If the TV s audio output will be connected to a Hi-Fi system s external speakers,the best audio performance will be obtained by placing the speakers equidistant from each side of the receiver cabinet and as close as possible to the height of the picture screen center.For best stereo separation,place the external speakers at least four feet from the side of the TV,place the surround speakers to the side or behind the viewing area. Differences in room sizes and acoustical environments will require some experimentation with speaker placement for best performance. ANTENNA CONNECTIONS TO REAR JACK PANEL VHF (75-Ohm)antenna/CATV (Cable TV) When using a 75-Ohm coaxial cable system, connect CATV coaxial cable to the AIR/CABLE (75-Ohm) terminal. Or if you have an antenna, connect the coaxial cable to the same AIR/CABLE terminal. VHF (300-Ohm)antenna/UHF antenna When using a 300-Ohm twin lead from an outdoor antenna,connect the VHF or UHF antenna leads to screws of the VHF or UHF adapter.Plug the adapter into the antenna terminal on the TV. When both VHF and UHF antennas are connected Attach an optional antenna cable mixer to the TV antenna terminal,and connect the cables to the antenna mixer.Consult your dealer or service store for the antenna mixer. 80 80 4″Minimum 4″Minimum BEST HORIZONTAL VIEWING ANGLE 5′10′15′20′ S S R L BEST VERTICAL VIEWING ANGLE 20 3 0 5 10 15 20 To CATV cable To outdoor antenna To outdoor VHF or UHF antenna To outdoor antenna or CATV system To UHF antenna AIR / CABLE AIR / CABLE AIR / CABLE or

Download the PDF for Hitachi Plasma Television Operating Guide Manual for 42HDT79, 55HDT79 42HDX99 and 55HDX99

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