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HP Print Server Appliance 4250

October 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Imagine the immediate efficiencies of transferring network printing from a general-purpose server to a localized, dedicated print appliance. The result—printing is faster and more reliable. Print spooling is easier to manage from anywhere on the Ethernet network, either locally or remotely. Workload on the file server is greatly reduced freeing the server to focus on other mission- critical tasks such as file, web or application serving.

The HP Print Server Appliance 4250 is simple to use. A network administrator uses a common web browser to manage the HP Print Server Appliance from the desktop to:
• Simplify printing management. The PSA 4250 is preloaded with HP printer drivers and installs using a web browser. Users can manage multiple PSAs with the new HP Web Jetadmin plug-in or individual PSAs by using the embedded web server.
• Easily access printers from PCs on the network via an administrative password
• Remotely manage and monitor print jobs, troubleshoot problems, reboot the system and install firmware upgrades
In addition, a client can always print even when the WAN link or file server is down, providing faster, more reliable printing and increased printer uptime.

How the HP Print Server Appliance 4250 works
Though the HP Print Server Appliance 4250 print solution will replace the function of your general print server(s), it is deployed under a localized print model rather than the centralized print model commonly used by general purpose servers.

Under a centralized print model all print traffic must travel to a central server and then to a given printer. Thus every print job is competing with all other network activities for bandwidth and processing time. Under a centralized print model the printing functionality of your network is also more vulnerable to single point failures. In a localized HP Print Server Appliance 4250 printer model, print traffic is contained within a segment of the network. Through this localized print model the HP Print Server Appliance 4250 offloads general-purpose servers and optimizes the business network by eliminating print traffic from the WAN and/or backbone. This localized print model eliminates the single point of failure that exists within the centralized print model and provides a natural mechanism to optimize individual network segments for better performance and/or redundancy.

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