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HP ProLiant servers Solutions Guide

October 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Servers can help you protect information and enhance efficiency in ways that PCs alone cannot, providing a more reliable foundation for growth. HP ProLiant servers are your guarantee of simple, affordable computing – especially with the introduction of a trailblazing new generation of models to the lineup. This guide examines why.

The reliable answer to business change If there’s one constant in business, it’s change. For companies that rely on paper-based processes, change might simply be a client switching to e-mail. But it has ramifications if, for example, you can no longer invoice by fax.

Even if you have some basic IT in place, can you be sure it is properly shared, protected and able to flex on demand? PCs alone are not enough. A server offers a much more robust and flexible solution.

For companies with limited or no IT staff, identifying, deploying and managing the right server may seem a daunting and expensive challenge. In fact, you can purchase a server for as little as the cost of a sophisticated desktop. And the cost of deploying and maintaining it is lower than that of data loss or inefficient resource sharing.

How can this guide help?
HP ProLiant server solutions combine smart advice, technology and services to help ensure simplicity and affordability from the start.
This guide can help, by focusing on the process and benefits of:
• Deploying a first server
• Upgrading and expanding an existing server network
• Selecting the appropriate model, options and services
Plus, you can always turn to a local HP partner for any further details you may need.

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