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Industrial Rack-mount LCD KVM Drawer User Manual

April 27th, 2009 · No Comments

Integrating a Keyboard, Touchpad, 17’’ LCD panel and a KVM switch in a 1U housing, the industrial solution provides high efficiency in server management. For further convenience and flexibility, the SK5858BM and SK595BM LCD KVM Drawer also support an external set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse console that allows user to access the computers locally from the rack or remotely by IP KVM or Cat5 KVM Extender.

Operation of the Drawer
1. Opening the console
Step 1: Pull the drawer out to an appropriate position and the drawer will automatically lock as you pull it over its safety position
Step : Open the LCD cover, then you should be able to operate . Closing the console
Step 1: Close the cover of LCD
Step 2 : If this drawer is in its locking position, please use your finger to pull the white block (see below yellow circle) on both sides of the drawer to release lock mechanism, and push the drawer into the cabinet entirely.

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