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KXI-DVI-Bridge User’s Manual

May 30th, 2009 · No Comments

This document describes the installation and specification of the KXI-DVI-Bridge. Details of the integration with Kaleido are available in the Kaleido user documentation. Please see “Compatibility” on page 15 for a list of Kaleido models that can be used with the KXI-DVI-Bridge.

Miranda’s KXI-DVI-Bridge performs live extraction of computer graphics to generate an SMPTE 292M compliant link meant for the Kaleido multi-image processor. Each unit provides two independent DVI-to-HD-SDI conversion processes. A firmware upgrade now allows the KXI-DVI-Bridge to also perform conversions of DVI signals from a Kaleido to HD-SDI formats.

Originally designed as a Kaleido input device, the KXI-DVI-Bridge converts a DVI signal to HD-SDI at a specific resolution and frame rate (1920x1080p @ 29.97 Hz)
1. This allows a Kaleido to accept inputs from a PC at larger VGA resolutions, up to 1600×1200
2. over a standard HD-SDI signal, without sacrificing quality.
The input resolution from the PC can be XGA, SXGA, WXGA, WSXGA+ or UXGA, but must have a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Basic KXI-DVI-Bridge Features:
• Dual Channel – pixel-to-pixel extraction on each discrete channel
• Two HD-SDI outputs per channel
• Auto-sensing DVI input
• One DVI loop output per channel
• Auto-sensing of input format within the Kaleido’s HD-SDI input
• Platform/OS independent
• Extend reach of DVI signal by using SDI wiring
• Ideal for static content such as the view of an automation system’s run-down list

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