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Panel PC 1150 All-in-One 15.1” Super Slim Panel PC User’s Manual

May 25th, 2009 · No Comments

The PANEL PC 1150 super slim industrial PANEL PC is mainly designed for industrial automation and some space-constricted embedded applications. For some space-concerned industries, a traditional PC with a separate main system, display monitor and keyboard is simply not integrated enough.

Ruggedly designed, the PANEL PC 1150 is 100% IBM PC/AT compatible and it integrates super I/Os, VGA, 15.1” TFT touch screen, Ethernet, and packs special industrial features like watchdog timer, CMOS double backup, all in a single system. The full PC functionality coupled with its industrial-grade construction easily tailors the system for any embedded applications and allows the system to endure continuous operation in any hostile industrial environments where stability and reliability are a must. Common applications of the PANEL PC 1150 include tooling machine, POI terminal, stand-alone KIOSK, medical instrument, mobile communication device and banking system – to name just a few.

Designed by the PC experts for PC professionals, the PANEL PC 1150 is virtually the ultimate one-step solution for your space-limited applications.

Get pdf Panel PC 1150 All-in-One 15.1” Super Slim Panel PC User’s Manual

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