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QuickTrace 1.2.0 Manual

April 27th, 2009 · No Comments

QuickTrace is a tool used for determining and digitizing original data from cartesian, ternary or polar plots. To capture the presentations either a digitizing tablet, or a bitmap graphic, e.g. from scanned plots, is required. If possible, use a big monitor in high resolution (17 inch or more). The output of the computed single data is made by an ASCII file or graphically as vector-based PICT file.

System requirements
A Macintosh with MacOS 7.5 or higher, at least 8 MB RAM, better 16 MB RAM, and, if possible, a colour monitor with 17 – 21 inch, is required. QuickTrace needs 2.3 MB RAM in minimum. It should be set higher, if scanned graphics in high resolution are used.

All Mac OS-systems older than 8.0 require the extension ‘Appearance Extension’as well as the con sole ‘Appearance CDEV’, which is available for downloading (name: ‘Appearance Lib’). Both 68K or PowerPC Macs are supported by different versions of QuickTrace. The software was developed in the Visual Interactive Programming BASIC-environment of Main- stay. The code was converted to ANSI-C and compiled by CodeWarrior

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