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Rapid28iXL PIC Prototyping PCB User Manual

May 31st, 2009 · No Comments

This is a PCB designed to facilitate the rapid prototyping of a device based on a 28 pin Microchip PIC microcontroller. To allow users to focus on their application, we take care of key housekeeping tasks associated with a microcontroller-based device. To this end, our PCB features several power supply options, an 28 pin footprint for the microcontroller, and several oscillator options. This board also supports in-circuit programming with a dedicated ICSP header. Users can construct their application circuit in our generous a generous prototyping area with space available for several IC’s and/or numerous discrete components.

Like our Rapid28i prototyping board, the Rapid28iXL board has common I/O components; it has the same 3 push buttons, 3 LEDs, and a buzzer. It also has a RS232 interface that can be jumper configured for DCE configuration for attachment to a PC, or as DTE for attachment to another prototyping board (no null modem cables required). See last page of this document for detailed serial interface information.

This board is constructed as a 2-layer through-hole board with clearly marked components on its silkscreen layer, and ample space between components so population of the board can be done by anyone with basic soldering skills.

Get pdf Rapid28iXL PIC Prototyping PCB User Manual

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