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RM Tablet PC User Guide RTAB910

June 4th, 2013 · No Comments

RM Tablet PC User Guide RTAB910RM Tablet PC User Guide RTAB910 Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introducing the Tablet PC Product Overview Safety Information Inventory Checklist Chapter 2 Around the Tablet PC Chapter 3 Setting up the Tablet PC Charging Tablet PC Battery Using Stylus Turning On/Of the Tablet Putting the Tablet in Standby Mode Changing New Battery (Hot Swap Time Process) Calibrating Screen for Stylus Accuracy Adjusting Screen Brightness Selecting Screen Orientation Projecting Materials on Screen Chapter 4 Defining the PC Function Keys Button Functions during XP logon Button Functions after XP logon Button Configuration Chapter 5 Protecting the Tablet PC Cleaning the Screen Chapter 6 Troubleshooting Useful Tutorials Help and Support Questions and Answers Before Contacting RM Contact RM Appendix Safety Notices Regulatory

Compliance Chapter 1 Introducing the Tablet PC Product Overview The Tablet PC combines the versatility of a pen and paper with the functionality of a laptop to provide a truly mobile tool for work and personal use. This lightweight, portable PC gives easy access to entering and retrieving information using the latest Windows-based applications. There are a vast number of benefits the Tablet PC has to offer. These include: null The user-centered design of the PC, which allows the user the convenience of resting a hand on the Tablet PC while writing. null A highly advanced speech recognition system, which converts speech into text. null The lightweight design, which allows business to be, conducted virtually anywhere. null No more hassle with entering information into your PC! With the stylus, text can written directly on the Tablet PC screen and handwriting is instantly converted into text. Safety Information The following 2 symbols are used in this user manual. Each symbol denotes important and helpful information that will benefit you while using the computer. Warning: This symbol informs you that improper use of equipment or failure to follow instructions may cause property damage or bodily injury. * Note: This symbol offers advice that will allow the user to take full advantage of the Tablet PC. To preserve the RM Tablet PC in the best possible condition, the following safety measures should be observed. * Note: View the PC screen from 15” to 18” away. * Note: For comfortable viewing and glare reduction, keep the Tablet PC screen away from direct sunlight or illumination. * Note: Minimise touching the screen with fingers, because skin oils are hard to remove and reduce image clarity. Warning: Never remove the rear cover of the Tablet PC, as high voltages may be present. Warning: Do not place heavy objects on the Tablet PC or associated cables and peripherals. Warning: Avoid operating the PC in outdoor environments of extreme cold, dampness or wetness. Inventory Checklist • Tablet PC x 1 • 4-cell Lithium Battery Pack x 1 • Stylus x 1 • Stylus Cord x 1 • Modem Cable x 1 • AC Adapter x 1 • AC power cord and plug x1 • CD x 2 • Mini VGA Cable x 1 (RTAB910-T01 model only) • Quick Start Guide x 1 Chapter 2 Around the Tablet PC This section briefly explains some of the hardware features on…

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