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Sony Help Guide SGPT13 Series

July 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Tablet Help Guide - SonyTablet Help Guide Read This First Downloading the Help Guide Turning On or Shutting Down Your Tablet Turning the Screen On/Off (Sleep Mode) Setting the Time that Elapses Before the Screen Turns Off (Goes to Sleep) Notes on Using the AC Adapter Charging the Battery Notes on Charging Touch Screen Operations Notes on the Screen Turning On/Off the Wi-Fi Function Connecting to Wi-Fi Connecting by Pressing the WPS Button on the Wi-Fi Router Connecting from the Wi-Fi Network List Notes on Using the Wi-Fi Function Turning On/Off the Bluetooth Function Pairing with a Bluetooth Device Notes on Using the Bluetooth Function Enabling Mobile Communications (SGPT13) Disabling Mobile Communications (SGPT13) Inserting/Removing a SIM Card (SGPT13) Notes on the SIM Card (SGPT13)

Setting Up an Access Point (SGPT13) Using Location Services Notes on GPS Function Inserting/Removing an SD Memory Card Notes on SD Memory Cards Compatibility of SD Memory Cards Connecting a USB Compatible Device Connecting to a Computer Connecting to an HDMI Compatible Device Parts and Controls Checking the Supplied Items Notes on Holding Your Tablet Resetting Your Tablet Reverting to Factory Default (Initializing Data) How to Maintain Battery Life Adjusting the Screen Brightness Notes on Using Voice Communications Apps (SGPT13) Notes on Use Splash-proof Performance Checking the Android Version Updating the System Software to the Latest Version Using the Home Screen Sharing the Tablet with Family or Friends (Guest Mode) Switching to “Guest Mode” Adding Apps or Widgets to the Home Screen Using the Apps and Widgets Using “Small apps” Searching with Google Using “Google Now” Confirming Download or Update Information on the Status Bar Configuring Screen Rotation Configuring to Lock the Screen Entering Text Selecting Text Using a Keyboard Connected via USB or Bluetooth Configuring a Google Account Backing Up Data on Your Tablet Importing Content from Your Computer Supported Formats Changing the Settings Checking the Free Space Synchronizing the Account List of Apps Using the “Calendar” Shooting Photos/Movies Notes on Recorded Photos/Movies Configuring an E-mail Account Composing/Sending an E-mail Receiving/Deleting E-mails Browsing Websites Adding Bookmarks Browsing the Bookmarks/Access History Using the “Calculator” Registering Contacts Grouping/Joining Contacts Displaying the Clock Importing/Exporting Contents from an SD Memory Card Using Your Tablet as a Remote Control Registering the Remote Control Programming Operations in the Remote Control (Macro Function) Setting the Audio Output Sound Using the “App Selector” with the Tablet Attached to the Dock Speaker Using “Sony Select” Playing Photos/Videos Sharing Photos/Videos Editing Photos Checking the Wi-Fi Connection Reading Digital Books Registration Registering Your Tablet Movies WALKMAN Album Socialife Scrapbook Using the “Video Unlimited” Video Delivery Service Using the “Music Unlimited” Music Delivery Service Using “Gmail” Searching for Apps Using “MediaRemote” Using “TV SideView” Using “Media Go” PSM Zinio Evernote Crackle Top HD Games – Gameloft PlayMemories Online Xperia Link Xperia Games Skype OfficeSuite Viewer AccuWeather Netflix Hulu Plus Totalmovie NetMovies Trademarks Specifications The tablet does not turn on. The tablet starts up slowly. The battery does not charge. The charge indicator does not appear. Battery consumption increases. The charge indicator blinks. Heat builds up in the tablet and the AC adapter while the tablet is in use or being charged….

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