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Sony Tablet Help guide SGPT11 Series

August 17th, 2013 · No Comments

Sony Tablet Help guide SGPT11 SeriesSony Tablet Help guide SGPT11 Series Read This First Turning On Your Tablet Device Shutting Down Your Tablet Device Turning On/Off the Screen Notes on Using the AC Adapter Charging the Battery Notes on Using the Battery How to Use the Touch Screen Notes on the Screen Handling the Touch Screen Starting Wi-Fi Communications Notes on Using the Wi-Fi Function About the Bluetooth(R) Function Communicating with Another Bluetooth(R) Device Stopping Bluetooth(R) Communications Notes on Using the Bluetooth(R) Function About Bluetooth(R) Security About the GPS Function Enabling the Location Information Disabling the Location Information Inserting/Removing an SD Memory Card Notes on Using SD Memory Cards Notes on SD Memory Cards Connecting a USB Device Notes on Connecting Your Tablet Device and

a Computer with a USB Cable Using the Tablet Device with the Cradle Adjusting the Cradle Angle Parts and Controls (Tablet Device) Parts and Controls (Cradle) Checking the Supplied Items Caring for Your Tablet Device Online Support Websites Notes on Holding Your Tablet Device Resetting Your Tablet Device Attaching the Strap to Your Tablet Device About Sample Data Saving the Battery Consumption Notes on Using Voice Communications Apps Using the Built-in Camera Notes on the Built-in Camera Enjoying Full-scale Games Enjoying Video Content Enjoying Music Content Enjoying Digital Books Viewing Apps Recommended by Sony Searching for Apps Enjoying Video, Music or Photo Content on Other Devices Operating Various AV Devices on Your Tablet Device Sharing Exciting Experiences via Social Network About the Home Screen Customizing the Home Screen Favorites Widgets Application Launcher About the Notification Panel Rotating the Screen Quick Search Locking the Screen Displaying Recent Apps Entering Text Using the On-screen Keyboard Cutting and Pasting Text Google Account Changing the Settings Before Use List of Apps Email Browser Camera Calculator Calendar Contacts Desk clock Music player Video player What You Can Do Over the Home Network About DLNA Preparing the Home Network Playing Back Content Stored on Another Device (Server) Playing Content on other Devices by Sending (Throwing) it File transfer Remote control Social Feed Reader Registering a Twitter or Facebook account Switching the Posts (Article) Displayed Reading and Writing the Post (Article) Searching for Posts (Articles) or Friends Select App Gallery Video Unlimited Music Unlimited Personal Space Reader MediaRemote Ustream Zinio Evernote HD Games Foursquare Crackle chumby for Sony Tablet S About Backup Wi-Fi checker Copying Data on a Computer to Your Tablet Device Supported Formats Using Media Go Trademarks Specifications Support for Sony Entertainment Network Support for Pre-installed PlayStaion(R)Certified Games The tablet device does not turn on. The tablet device starts up slowly. The battery does not charge. The charge indicator does not light. The battery consumption increases. The charge indicator blinks. Heat builds up in the tablet device and the AC adapter while the tablet device is in use or being charged. The screen is dark. There is a point that is not displayed properly on the screen. A Bluetooth(R) device was not found. Your tablet device gets slow/is not performing as expected. Your tablet device does not work. To reset your tablet device. The sound from the speaker is distorted. The screen brightness is not…

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