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Sony Vaio Handheld Setup Checklist

June 28th, 2008 · No Comments

1. Remove all of the needed components from the Sony box, and then place the manuals, straps and any other accessories back in the box and place on shelf in storage closet.
2. For speed and ease of setup, use the included port replicator to plug in an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
3. During the initial windows configuration you will be asked to supply a computer name and some user names. Make sure you are following standard naming conventions, such as field user1, field user2 and so on for users. For the computer name use field device1, field device2 and so on for the standard.
4. When prompted to calibrate the touch screen, use the stylus and make sure it is accurate.
5. Once the computer has finished logging in, Start by removing any unnecessary programs, and anything that the program may have left behind (example some programs will leave a folder with a few files so you can easily find them again).
6. Clean up the start menu and organize all unneeded menu items into a Subfolder. The menu should consist of vaio recovery, windows update, accessories, the more programs sub folder, ATA Services tool, Microsoft streets and trips, vzaccess manager, and windows defender all other programs or folders should be moved into the more programs sub folder.
7. Remove all ads and offers from the handheld (example: movielink, itunes etc…) This includes links to the program on the desktop, menu, and the subfolders belonging to the files.
9. Install Microsoft streets and trips, ATA services,VZAccess Manager, Windows Defender, Microsoft SQL Database, and Symantec antivirus(make sure license is installed).

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