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Sweet Tablets User Guide

August 1st, 2013 · No Comments

User's Guide - Sweet TabletsUser’s Guide Get started Get around 3 Touch & type 4 Use the lock screen 5 Make yourself at home 6 Change the wallpaper 6 Arrange & work with apps 7 Use folders 8 Add widgets 9 Try some apps 9 Find People 10 Manage your Calendar 12 Use your Camera 13 Manage downloads 13 Tune performance 14 Optimise battery life 14 Optimise data usage 14 Optimise memory usage 19 Use the Apps screen 20 Enter & edit text 21 Use the keyboard 22 Basic editing 22 T ips & shortcuts 23 1 Connect to Wi-Fi networks 24 Connect to keyboards, mice, and other devices 28 Connect to a Windows computer via USB 29 Manage accounts 30 Add or remove

accounts 30 Configure account sync options 32 Configure general sync settings 32 Change an account’s sync settings 33 Secure your Sweet Tablet® 33 2 Get Started Get around After you enter into the systems, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find three Navigation buttons. They’re always available. No matter what you’re doing with your tablet, you can always get back to the main Home screen or return to previous screens: Icon Name Description Back Open the previous screen you were working in, even if it was in a different app. Once you back up to the Home screen, you can’t go back any further in your history. Home Open Home. If you’re viewing a left or right Home screen, opens the central home screen. Recent Apps Opens a list of thumbnail images of apps you’ve worked with recently. To open an app, touch it. To remove a thumbnail from the list, swipe it 3 left or right. After a short time without getting used, these buttons may shrink to dots or fade away, depending on the current app. To bring them back, touch their location. The All Apps icon in the right upper corner is permanent. Touch it to see all your apps and widgets. The middle of your Home screen can hold app and widget icons, plus folders.  To open an app, folder, or widget, touch its icon.  To see additional Home screens, swipe your finger quickly left or right. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see something like this: Status icons on the left tell you which apps have sent you notifications; for example, that a message has arrived, or it’s time for a meeting. System icons on the right display the current wireless and network connection strength, battery level, time, and more. Touch & type Use your fingers to manipulate icons, buttons, menus, the onscreen 4 keyboard, and other items on the touchscreen. You can also change the screen’s orientation. To select or activate something, touch it. To type something, such as a name, password, or search terms, just touch where you want to type. A keyboard pops up that lets you type into the field. Other common gestures include:  Touch & hold: Touch & hold an item on the screen by touching it and not lifting your finger until an action occurs.  Drag: Touch & hold an item for a…

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