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SYTAB7MX Wireless Mobile Internet Tablet 7” Mini Tablet User Guide

August 15th, 2013 · No Comments

Download 7 Mini Tablet User GuidePowered by MODEL NUMBER: SYTAB7MX Wireless Mobile Internet Tablet 7” Mini Tablet User Guide Back Button Getting to Know Your New Tablet: SYTAB7MX 1 Side View: 2 USB Ports Front View: Speaker USB Port (Host) Menu Mini USB 2.0 HDMI output to your TV Enjoy videos, photos and more in the comfort of your home ® MINI Volume Power Key ON/OFF Home Back Button Micro SD Slots Up to 32 GB Micro SD Power Jack For Charger Unit Headphone Jack Connect headphones or earphones to enjoy media on the go USB Port (OTG) Can connect to PC USB 2.0 Important Notes Note that this product has a resistive touch screen. This machine senses pressure applied to it in specif_ic areas

and acts on this pressure. Please use a stylus or your f_ingernail when tapping the screen for optimal usage. Note that simply touching the screen with your f_inger will not produce optimal results. Please note that this product is not a computer. It is a Wireless Mobile Internet Device with an Android Operating System. The Mini USB port is used primarily to connect USB storage devices. Inserting an SD Memory Card helps add additional storage capacity, for importing f_iles, downloading applications, taking pictures, reading books and playing stored media. To protect your SD card’s f_ile and directory structure integrity, it should be unmounted before removed. To do this, tap Menu > Settings > SD card & device storage > and under SD card tap Unmount SD card. The Mini HDMI port is an “OUT” port designed to output to HDMI devices. The software on your tablet is updated frequently to ensure your tablet is always optimized. Make sure to check for and run updates. Read on for details on how to update your device. The icons shown here in this product manual may be dif_ferent than the icons of the actual product. 2 Tap screen with f_ingernail or a stylus (not provided)rather than the pad of your f_inger. NOTE: USB 2.0 ® MINI Micro SD SYTAB7MX Getting Started 1. CHARGING YOUR DEVICE Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet and connect your device to the adapter. It is recommended that you fully charge the battery before use, for at least six hours. 2. TURNING YOUR DEVICE ON Press the power button on the top of the device to turn it on. You can use the device while the battery is charging. To turn the power of_f, hold the power button of your device for about f_ive seconds. Then slide Power Of_f when it appears on the screen, followed by OK. Sleep Mode: Your device will go into sleep mode after a period of inactivity or if ON/OFF button pressed. (Go to Settings, under display to modify the sleep time.) To get out of sleep mode, press the power button to start using it again. 3. CONFIGURING THE TOUCH SCREEN 1. Press the MENU button on the top of the product. 2. Tap Settings on the bottom menu. 3. Scroll down and tap Touch Screen Calibrate. 4. Use the your f_ingernail or Stylus to tap the middle of the displayed…

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