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TarCom datalogger for Tarom system, manager Installation and operation manual

May 29th, 2009 · No Comments

The TarCom is used as datalogger and PC interface for all Tarom and PowerTarom systemmanagers. It stores up to 8000 data sets with all the systemparameters as voltage, currents, state of charge and system status. Additionaly you can use the analog input of the TarCom to trace for example radiation data. The alarm output switches exactly at the limits predefined by the user. All necessary cables and the comfortable PC software for windows are included. The TarCom installation is just plug and play.

The high impedance analog input can be used to attach a radiation sensor to the data logger. Any voltage source from 0 .. 150 mV can be logged together with the Tarom regulator data. The input range is calibrated in our factory but you can readjust these range via the PC program under menu options/calibration.

The alarm relais inside the TarCom is realised by a transistor with the collector on terminal 6 (+) and the emitter on terminal 5 (-). The transistor is able to switch maximal 50V and 50 mA. The alarm switches only when the TarCom logger receives data from the Tarom regulator ( ca. each minute). The minimum alarm time is so one minute.

Get pdf TarCom 01 datalogger for Tarom system, manager Installation and operation manual

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