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July 24th, 2010 · No Comments

In November 2007, Hewlett Packard released the LaserJet P1006 printer. The HP-P1006 series of laser printers are based on a 17 ppm, true 600dpi Canon engine. These cartridges use a chip that controls the toner low functions. The CB435A is rated for 1,500 pages. Physically, the cartridges look like a small 12A (1012) cartridge, but there are many differences. The printer itself has a very small foot print. It’s a nice small office/home machine. The first page out is stated to be in under 8.5 seconds from a power save mode.
The memory is fixed and not expandable at 8Mb. The recommended monthly volume is from 250-1500 pages/ month, but the maximum monthly duty cycle is 5,000 pages. Unlike many small printers these machines have an input tray that can hold 150 pages. A nice touch! The system that holds the two halves of the cartridge together is completely new. The good news here is that you don’t have to cut holes in the cartridge to get access to the pins!
The toner inside is also new. HP is stating that the toner now has “spherically shaped particles”. We are currently investigating if this means the toner is chemical or conventional toner that has been thermally rounded. My guess is that it is thermally rounded toner, but until our investigations are finished, we won’t know for sure. In addition to the new toner, the chips have also had “intelligence added” to help aid cartridge ordering when supplies are low. Again, we are investigating the chips for these cartridges as I write this. I can say I have run the same cartridge now 5 times, and the chip has not shut the printer down. Just the toner low features are not working.
The printer when new comes with a starter cartridge that is rated for 700 pages at 5% coverage, so your customers will be coming to you fairly quickly! The starter cartridges and replacement 35A (1500 page) cartridges are physically the same so you can make a “High Yield” cartridge from the starter. (If you can call 1500 pages high yield!) So far there are four printers based on this engine. The P1000, the P1006, the P1007 and the P1008. At the time of this writing, only the P1006 has been released. The other models are referred to in the service manual. Cartridge troubleshooting as well as running test pages, cleaning pages and some simple printer troubleshooting will be covered at the end of this article.


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