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TP10V-TP15-TP15H User Guide

August 9th, 2013 · No Comments

TABLET USER MANUAL - Agptek.comTABLET USER MANUAL Attention: This handbook contains important security measures and the information for correct usage of the product in order to avoid accidents. Please make sure to read the manual carefully before using the device. • Avoid exposure to moisture and dust • Avoid exposure to high temperature do not keep the device on the dashboard of the car specially when the windows are closed. • Avoid fall or violent shaking of the device This could cause damage to TFT display screen • Please choose appropriate volume, if using headphones volume should not be too high • Please charge the device in the following conditions, A. The battery power ICON indicates low or no power B. The system automatically

shuts off, as soon as device is started C. Operation buttons do not respond D. The icon at the top right corner turns red • .When the device is being formatted or during uploading and downloading of files, please do not suddenly disconnect as this can cause application error • Do not use the device in places where use of electronic devices is prohibited e.g. during flights • Don’t disassemble the product, don’t use alcohol Thinner or benzene to scrubbing products • Please do not use the Tablet PC when you in driving or walking • USB must be used only for data transmission • The company reserves right to improve product, products specification and design and make any changes without prior notice. • This tablet is not waterproof [Remark.] : All images in this manual is only for your reference. products specification and design may differ. The information is subject to changes without prior notice. 1. Appearance and button: 1.1 Touch panel Capacitive touch panel: In The Operation, for clicking ,dragging on the touch panel 1.2 POWER Startup: Long Press and hold the power button, the system will enter the main interface Shutdown: In the main menu interface, Press the power button for about 5 seconds to shutdown, The system will display “power off” option, Clik ”ok”. To safely shut down. Lock screen: Short press Power button to lock or unlock screen. Remark 1.When power is empty, system will shut down automatically. 2.In case of improper turn off of the device, restart may take longer time as it will scan and restore the disk 1.3 ESC Short Press of ESC button will return to the last interface, long Press ESC button will return to the main interface 1,4 Menu Under normal operating conditions, short press of M button will bring you back to the home screen 1.5 Volume +, Volumethe Use buttons on top “ Volume +”, “Volume- “ to achieve changes in the volume. 1.6 Earphone jack 3.5 mm standard earphone jack 1.7 Video output interface 1.8 TF card TF-CARD solt: external T-FLASH card 1.9 Mini USB Mini USB jack: you can use it to connect the computer for data transmission, charging and external connection USB flash drive 1.10 Reset When the Tablet seems to have hung up or has stopped taking commands , use a small object to short press RESET button, Tablet will be forced to…

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