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User Manual Star Walk – Vito Technology

November 12th, 2012 · No Comments

User Manual Star Walk - Vito TechnologyUser Manual Star Walk™ for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad April 2012, ver. 5.7 Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Getting started 5 2.1 Sky Live window 5 2.2 Location set up 5 2.3 Using/Activating Star Spotter 7 2.4 Augmented Reality 8 2.5 Spectrum Bar 9 2.6. Stargazing Community 9 2.7 Display/Interface 10 3 Menu 12 3.1 Day and Night color schemes 13 3.2 Constellations display 13 3.3 Satellites 13 3.4 TelRad 13 3.5 Playing sounds 13 3.6 Playing music 13 3.7 Magnitude adjustment 13 4 Using functions of Star Walk™ 14 4.1 Changing date and time 14 4.2 Getting information about an object 15 4.3 Searching for sky objects 16 4.4 Watching astronomical events 16 4.5 Using Picture of the Day

17 4.6 Posting pictures in Star Walk™ 18 4.7 Managing bookmarks 18 4.8 Watching moon phases 19 5 Star Walk™ on a big screen using cables 20 6 Star Walk on a big screen using AirPlay 21 FAQ 22 Glossary 23 2 Star Walk™ manual 1 Introduction Star Walk™ is an iPhone stargazing application for amateurs, professionals, and kids who are eager to learn. Star Walk™ allows users to identify about 9000 heavenly bodies and learn useful information about them, watch moon phases, meteor showers, see daily sunset and sunrise times, elevation angle, and daily hours of sunlight as well as the data for all main planets. Star Walk™ is an excellent guide to the world of astronomy that allows you to learn the secrets of our Universe just sitting comfortably in the arm-chair or during stargazing outside. With Star Walk™ you can see the following object/events: • Stars and Constellations • Messier objects (nebulas, galaxies, star clusters) • Solar system bodies (planets, the Sun, the Moon) • Satellites • Meteor showers, equinoxes, conjunctions, full/new Moon and etc. Star Walk™ has many useful and easy-to-use features: Star Spotter – shows the sky as seen in reality and follows the moves of the user. Augmented Reality – allows users to point-and-display the sky as on any device with digital compass. Spectrum Bar – ability to view the night sky in different spectors. Calendar – allows you to search for celestial events without leaving the app. Community – allows you to send and read Tweets from other Star Walk users on the globe, reply to them and communicate with each other. TelRad for pro astronomers – ability to connect a secondary display along with new content additions. Time Machine – extends control of star viewing into the past and future. Once activated, a panel drops down and you can rapidly flip through time. Home location – allows you to set your location manually or using search. Search – allows you to search for any planet, constellation or satellite you are interested in and track it on the sky. Moon phases – displays the moon phases for a chosen period. Cutting-edge graphics – smooth and eye candy colors, icons, pictures that make the use of Star Walk™ a real pleasure. FPS is high (30 frames per second). Intuitive interface – intuitive icons and easy navigation that do not require any special knowledge. For…

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