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Your HTC Desire C – Telenor

October 20th, 2012 · No Comments

Your HTC Desire C - TelenorYour HTC Desire C User guide Contents Unboxing HTC Desire C 8 Back cover 9 Removing the battery 10 SIM card 11 Storage card 12 Charging the battery 13 Switching the power on or off 13 Setting up HTC Desire C for the first time 14 Want some quick guidance on using your phone? 14 Your first week with your new phone Features you’ll enjoy on HTC Desire C 15 Home screen 16 Finger gestures 16 Sleep mode 17 Getting contacts into HTC Desire C 18 Making your first call 19 Sending your first text message 19 Getting photos, videos, and music on or off HTC Desire C 19 Copying and sharing text 20 Capturing the HTC Desire C screen

21 Switching between recently opened apps 21 Notifications 21 Getting to know your settings 22 Getting the battery to last longer 23 Updating the HTC Desire C software 23 Syncing your media and data with HTC Sync Manager 24 Personalizing Making HTC Desire C truly yours 25 Personalizing HTC Desire C with scenes 25 Changing your wallpaper 26 Applying a new skin 27 Personalizing your Home screen with widgets 27 Adding apps and other shortcuts on your Home screen 28 Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen 29 Personalizing the launch bar 29 Grouping apps into a folder 30 Personalizing with sound sets 31 2 Contents Rearranging application tabs 32 Phone calls Making a call with Smart dial 33 Using Speed dial 33 Calling a phone number in a text message 34 Calling a phone number in an email 34 Calling a phone number in a Calendar event 34 Making an emergency call 34 Receiving calls 34 What can I do during a call? 36 Setting up a conference call 37 Internet calls 37 Call history 38 Home dialing 39 Call services 40 Messages About the Messages app 41 Sending a text message (SMS) 41 Sending a multimedia message (MMS) 41 Resuming a draft message 43 Checking your messages 43 Replying to a message 44 Forwarding a message 44 WAP push messages 45 Managing message conversations 45 Backing up your text messages 46 Setting message options 47 Search and Web browser Searching HTC Desire C and the Web 48 Browsing the Web 48 Private browsing 49 Adding and managing your bookmarks 50 Saving web content for later 51 Viewing your browsing history 51 Downloading files and apps 52 Setting browser options 53 Camera Camera basics 54 Taking a photo 55 Recording video 55 Camera scenes 55 Improving portrait shots 55 Shooting in low light 56 Changing camera and video settings 56 3 Contents Photos, videos, and music Gallery 57 Music 63 Accounts and sync Adding your social networks, email accounts, and more 68 Adding one or more Google Accounts 68 Managing your online accounts 69 People About the People app 70 Your contacts list 70 Setting up your profile 71 Adding a new contact 72 Importing or copying contacts 72 Merging contact information 73 Contact information and conversations 73 Contact groups 74 Adding People widgets 76 Sending contact information 76 Backing up your contacts to the storage…

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